Welcome to the Pursuit of Excellence!

My name is David Lipp and I’m a serial experimentalist. I love investigating all aspects of what life has to offer. Health and fitness, expanding mental capacity, vulnerability, all the way to the fringe of life esotericism. We’ll cover it all. Shared within this site are the concentrated versions of these findings to help you create excellence in your everyday life.

This blog was born out of a combination of fear and joy. Fear from watching the people around me repeating the same self-defeating conduct. And joy in finding, but more importantly knowing that there are solutions to those problems. We’ve witnessed all too many people abusing themselves and rationalizing that ‘this is the status quo’, all the while not understanding the science behind what is causing their self-defeat and feeling that destiny sows them to a life of unhappiness or nonfulfillment. FUCK!…THAT! There are answers. They’re simple. And we’re going to uncover them together! Find the joy in pursuing solutions to your problems and those of the ones you care about most. You will uncover the keys to your fulfillment.

This is a platform for us to pursue excellence in all aspects of life, together. We’ll cover health, fitness, investing,  efficiency, and life. Whether you’re chasing a personal best at your next race or need to find greater career satisfaction, we’ll help find your best possible solution. The journey of life can be a trying one, but it’s also the only opportunity we have to flourish by creating joy for ourselves and others. Life is an unending adventure and a beautiful pursuit of excellence!