Confidently Care Less

8:00 am I slip into the office a half-hour late. The oppressive lighting stings my eyes even though I've been awake for almost an hour. The burnt coffee smell wafts out into the hallway as I pass the break room. The caffeinated beverage department wouldn’t convince you that this is a multi-billion dollar company. As I … Continue reading Confidently Care Less

Stretch Day

Look. Up ahead. Stretch day is just around the corner and it’s going to be awesome! Stretch Day is not about reaching for your toes or bringing your foot over your head. And it’s probably not pulling some elastic bands, but it could be. This day is designed to stress you physically in order to … Continue reading Stretch Day

Vote with Your Wallet

Whether you're an animal rights proponent, want to reduce climate change, or are against GMO products, you can have a positive impact every day on all issues meaningful to you. You don't have to sell your worldly possessions to support the cause or spend well-earned relax time protesting. This isn't a civil-liberties cry. 9 percent … Continue reading Vote with Your Wallet

Bare Feat

I was 14 years old and I had just come out of my 10th chiropractic appointment in two weeks. The pain was endless. Climbing out of bed was an Olympic event, putting on socks was a frontal lobotomy, and God forbid I needed to pick up anything from the floor. I thought to myself, what … Continue reading Bare Feat